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"Such talent and vision are a refreshing contrast to mass-produced music by more widely known artists. I feel compelled to point out yet again that this is a mostly one-man written, played, sung, and produced album that has the complexity and array usually associated when music is the result of collaborations."- Sahar, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"While the creative and pulsating rhythms of Ras Xix's diverse instruments, from the guitar to the bass to the drums, enticingly draw listeners in the beginning of every song, the musician skillfully knows how to maintain interest with his intensely descriptive explanations of his versatile emotions."- Karen Benardello,


".. it's safe to say that Ras Xix has some valuable experience and miles under his belt to integrate into his creative vehicles."- Brian Lion, Under The Gun Review


"These eleven songs just exude energy, emotion and a sense of love that will get to you as soon as you start listening.. A very impressive debut album that will get repeated plays as soon as you hear it once."- Rick Ecker, New Noise Magazine


"He's unique in the sense that the switches between languages, genres, and places seem totally authentic. It's clear that he's creatively inspired by a wide variety of things, not simply trying to be all-encompassing for the listeners."- Kate Ferguson, Young Hollywood


"The band's self-titled, 11-track album is set for May 1st and can best be described as an organic, soul stirring rock experience that, with adequate promotion (touring, press and marketing) should take Ras Xix to the forefront of the independent music scene."- Shaine Freeman, I Am Entertainment Magazine


"The Next Big Thing ? : Ras Xix"- Will Cifer, Soletron


"There's something about Ras Xix's latest self-titled album. Its world-infused, atmospheric tracks are relaxing, soulful. Evoking a surfer's paradise or high jungle terrace with a 360 view of the city, Rax Xix's record is an excellent mood-transforming record."- Rock World Magazine


"There's also a great balance on this record... This self-titled release is an overall well-rounded and exciting effort, and it's especially ambitious for the work of one person."- Cody Conard, The Big Takeover


".. Ras Xix has put out an art/prog rock masterpiece that has critics scrambling for superlatives. Alt-rock might never have been on a journey quite like the one Ras Xix has taken it on. While alt is undoubtedly the foundation of the Ras Xix album, the project slaloms through genres with the agility of an Olympic skier."- Phil Kim, Rock Revolt Magazine


".. any music lover will appreciate the depth of Xix's poetic lyrics. And though Ras pretty much does it all on his own, there is undoubted quality and variety about the production as well."- We Do It For The Love of Music


"For those interested in picking up this amazing album.. It comes highly recommended."- Abort Magazine


"It is raw and gritty and can also be soft and melodic, with a touch of a vibe unlike anything else ever heard."- Rebecca Hosking, SkopeMag


"The mix and blend of sounds and interpretations in this album are far reaching and Ras Xix has set the bar high for anyone who might want to attempt the same."- Music & More, The True Voice of Nashville


"Ras' voice is passionate. His musicianship is excellent. And his ability to weave in and out of genres - rock to prog to funk to acoustic - help him stand out in the ocean of bands competing for ears in this space."- Middle Tennessee Music


"With his integration of a new style of rock this young man has not only opened doors for many others with a desire to express their talents in a new and exceptionally diverse way, he has also set the bar high for future competition."- Sherryl C, Nashville Music Guide


"Ras Xix's music is different and eclectic - rock music with a mix of worldly sounds and electronic beats. It is certainly something that is unique and out of this world, and definitely worth a listen."- Amanda Cowan,


"Every once in a while an artist will come along that makes you think. Something fresh, energetic, full of anger and hope... These actions alone give you reason to listen, but the true incentive is his superb song writing, charismatic voice and distinct style."- Matt D Bart,


"There's more to this dynamic album than what meets the eye, with odd time-signatures and a multitude of layers combined together to form the final product... each track offers something different and is an essential segment of a holistic listening experience."- Andrew Bansal, Metal Assault


"Ras Xix is a thought provoking, excellently constructed, probing and mysterious musical piece that is full of life and as a singer and musician Ras is talented enough to deliver it."- Monifa Barker, Joonbug


"Throughout the album it is clearly evident that his travels and rolling stone lifestyle have greatly influenced the music he produces."- Kevin Tshiamala, Hear Magazine


"It's a refreshing sound that makes this album listen a pleasant experience."- Pop City Life


".. whatever you call it, this is a strong set."- G.W. Hill, Music Street Journal


"For those music fans who get bored with a CD of songs that all have the same attitude (ACDC) but get frustrated by musicians who just can't seem to commit to any one style of music, Ras Xix will be a pleasant discovery."- Greg Piper & The Tooners' Rock & Roll Rehab


".. Such is the case with Nora 5, a lush acoustic track that gives Xix's impressive vocal range ample display"- Craig Manning,